Wednesday, September 25, 2013

500px Worldwide Meetup - Kuwait

Around 100 photographers gathered at the KUWAIT TOWERS to mark the “500px Worldwide Meetup” last Saturday 21st September.
The aim of the event was to bring close the photographers from different backgrounds who understand the very common language between them, Photography.
The event was hosted by Q8EPC, sponsored by A.A.B Photography World and supported by Red Bull.
Everyone had a lot to share about their experience in photography. There were group discussions on Camera operations, Landscape and several different topics. The photographers also arranged themselves to make a logo representing the theme of the event, 500 Q8.
The Club aims to hold more meetups and workshops in the future to improve and bring together the photographers.

Official Coverage of the event done by Mohsin Akram and Misbah Hashmi.


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