Monday, June 11, 2012

Weight Loss Trends You Should Avoid

Shedding those extra kilosand regaining the perfect physique is a matter of concern for everyone today.Losing weight is essential, but undergoing this weight loss program the healthy way is extremely crucial. In the frenzy of getting rid of the bulge quickly, one tends to adopt the attractive but unhealthy route. Below are a few weight loss tips that must be avoided:

Diet Pills

Resorting to a number of diet/weight loss pills available in the market is certainly the wrong choice. Watching the so called ‘Health Shows’ on television, people fall for it and do not question the science behind it which may end up harming the body in the longer run.

Skipping Meals

Skipping meals in the day is definitely the most incorrect way to loose weight. One tends to believe in the notion that avoiding a meal will result in lesser intake of calories, hence loss of weight. Unfortunately such individuals consume more quantity of food in the next meal causing overeating and weight gain instead of loss. So any of you trying to skip your breakfast, lunch or dinner, it’s certainly not advisable to do so.


Like everything in life, human beings are impatient and expect quick returns and results even with reference to weight loss. It is important to remember that weight loss is a gradual and time-consuming process. Regular exercise, a healthy diet and a patient attitude will eventually show the desired results. 


A myth that plays around in the minds of people especially the youth today, is that fasting is equal to weight loss. A day or two of fasting cleans and detoxifies the system but continuous lack of food for the body can prove to be a dangerous affair. The body requires a supply of essential vitamins, minerals and fats in order to function. Starvation can invite a number of health problems resulting in the reduction of the immunity levels of the body.

Aggressive exercise regime

Planning and following an aggressive exercise routine is often mistaken with immediate weight loss. What one tends to overlook is the long-term damage done to the body in the tumult of the short-term and immediate results that it produces. A well-planned, disciplined workout regime not only aids systematic weight loss but also boosts energy, improves the overall physical and mental health of the body.

Consuming Diet products and artificial sweetener

Diet snacks, dairy products available in the market certainly facilitate the weight loss process but it is imperative to consume them in moderation as per the diet plan 
suggested by the expert. Also, artificial sweeteners incorporated in the diet must be consumed in small quantities since anything can excess can be harmful for the body.
Keeping away from these basic pointers will not only help you achieve your weight loss target but also ensure that the process is systematic, not causing any major damages to the body. Stay Fit! Stay Happy!


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