Friday, June 8, 2012

Kuwait Marathon

Race details and Map

Start & Finish
Cut of time for all races is at 4PM, with the exception of the Ultra Marathon.
Getting to the start
Information will be provided later
Please plan to come early to avoid any rush or delays.
Run Number Collection
Information regarding the collection of Run Number will be provided later.
Check Points
Check points are located every 5km
Water stations will be available at every check pint.
Medical tents will be located at every check point
Medical car will be supervising runners between every check point.
Various activities will be present to entertain the participants and spectators. Food and Beverage facilities will be available.
Winner Prizes:
Information regarding prizes will be provided later.

Kuwait Marathon races will take place at the the northern desert of Kuwait on hard sand, with the start and finish line being at the same spot in KM Base Camp as shown in the map.
U-Turn Style: KM is a U-Turn style race; runners will run half the distance and come back to the finish line located at the same base camp near the start line. It will give you and your family the privilege to celebrate your finish line crossing moment “together”.
Accurate route map will be provided 3 months before the race

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